GBS – Glagol Battery System

Glagol Battery System, the GBS

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The Glagol battery system presents an innovative and versatile battery pack solution .

The GBS is a product of the Glagol Battery Systems team and offers a novel, customizable, battery system


  • Cell type – Standard – Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical cells (other cell types available per request)
  • Voltage range – 9-800 Volts per segment
  • Configuration – Standard – 16×6 cell segment, 6 segment pack configuration (fully adaptable per request)
  • Capacity – Standard – 6.4 kWh per segment (fully adaptable per request)
  • Current output – Standard – 54A continuous current, 180A in peak (fully adaptable per request)
  • Size – Dependent on requirements

Cooling options:

All GBS units come with innovative phase-change materials passive cooling with Graphene nanoparticles and copper filling.

Additional cooling may be integrated using the following:
– Air cooling
– Liquid cooling with integrated radiator and pump
– Liquid cooling with outboard radiator and pump

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