Glagol Power Converter

fully modular and standalone power converter solution

The GPC is designed to replace all types of common power converters (AC/DC, DC/AC and DC/DC with one fully customizable platform which allows for both battery charging and power inverter functionalities.

Device specifications:

Input voltage range:
– DC input voltage 12-800V
– AC input voltage: Typically 1 x 230V RMS or 3 x 400 V RMS, Frequency 50HZ *EU region

Output voltage range:
– DC output voltage 12-800 V
– AC output voltage: Typically 8-550V AC RMS, output frequency: 5-500HZ

Both input and output voltage ranges are fully customizable and adaptable to client-specific needs

Output voltage ripple is lower than 5%.

THD (For GRID based solutions only)
<2% for >50% load

Power output – base:
Up to 30 kW per unit, with stackable units for larger power output

Power factor (for GRID based solutions only): 0.99

Efficiency: 96% on full load

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