GCC – Glagol Corrosion Converter

Baš Čelik GCC – The guardian of steel

Baš Čelik GCC is a high quality, innovative, industry grade corrosion converter which passivizes corrosion, turning it into an inert layer thus creating a protective layer which can be covered.

Baš čelik GCC is an innovative take on Corrosion converters, whose unique formula allows greater penetration than any other converter on the market making it more versatile and perfect for automotive and industry application while still being great for everyday applications such as tools, internal uses, roofing, steel constructions and joints.

Application instructions: Before use, de-grease the surface area and remove any loose debris or bits of corrosion, or previously applied protective layers. On the prepped surface apply Baš Čelik GCC liberally, so that the surface is covered and wet, and the conversion time is 24 hours (while first results will be visible after 3 hours). Smaller items may be submerged in Baš Čelik GCC for 24 hours. After the conversion, and to achieve best long term protection of the treated surface it is advisable to thoroughly rinse with water and dry the surface and to further protect it by paint, oiling, covering or other means of protection. In an unlikely event that the treated surface needs further corrosion conversion, repeat the above-described steps.

Avoid contact with materials which are not the subject of corrosion conversion. After treatment, the treated area will darken. Should a white layer form on the treated surface, wash before applying further protection.

Further best practices instruction by application type coming soon.

Safety Instructions: Keep the product away from children, and in its original packaging. If the product spills, remove from affected surfaces to mitigate the possibility of damage to property.

When handling, use safety equipment, wear gloves, wear eye protection and protection on any exposed skin. Do not ingest or inhale the product, its spray, fog or mist which may form during use.

IF INGESTED: Immediately call the center for poisoning control or doctor, wash mouth and do not induce vomiting. If spray/mist has been inhaled, help the person out into fresh air and into a comfortable position which allows breathing

IF THE PRODUCT GETS IN CONTACT WITH SKIN: Immediately remove all contaminated clothing, carefully rinse out with water for several minutes or shower and request medical attention if necessary.

IF THE PRODUCT GETS INTO EYES: Carefully wash eye with water for several minutes, remove contact lenses if applicable and continue washing the eye.

DANGER: Causes severe burns of skin and eyes

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